The view from Mill Mountain | Roanoke, Va.

Some big and sudden news has really overhauled my life in the past couple of weeks. After living in Chapel Hill/Durham for the past eight years, I moved to Roanoke, Virginia this past weekend to start an internship with The Roanoke Times. I’ll be working with the online team for as a videographer through December.


I’ve been daydreaming about working as a journalist at a newspaper since I was a little kid, so I’m excited to get started and to work with such a great team. My first assignment is Friday, so in the meanwhile, here are some pictures I took yesterday evening from the top of Mill Mountain, where Roanoke’s signature light-up star resides. (Sidenote: Roanoke vaguely reminds me of Quito, Ecuador – a beautiful city surrounded by mountains on all sides – except about a thousand times smaller. Regardless, I love all things that remind me of Ecuador and, by proxy, the Galápagos).