Not Invisible Series

On Jan. 20, 2018, Native American women led the Seattle Womxn’s March with a striking statement emblazoned on a handmade sign: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

It was a call to action and a demand for lawmakers, law enforcement, the media and the general public to pay attention to the crisis of violence inflicted on Native women for centuries. Staff photojournalist Bettina Hansen and I have been following the efforts of local advocates and families since then, working to craft stories to reach our readers in a way that feels as personal and grassroots as the movement itself.

I conceptualized this project as The Seattle Times’ first-ever docuseries and worked across the newsroom to build support and a platform for this kind of video-focused storytelling. In this format, we’re able to cover the issue on an ongoing basis, each episode picking up where the last left off, focusing on deepening the emotional connection our whole community can feel and act upon.

Watch the docuseries: Not Invisible: Confronting a crisis of violence against Native women