How Seattle’s Navigation Team works

Homelessness is a growing, complex, and very visible issue in Seattle. Many housed residents complain of the eyesore and trash caused by tent encampments and put a lot of pressure on the city to clean it up. The city is struggling to figure out ways to address the complexities of each individual’s situation while also humanely dealing with tent encampments.

The newly formed Navigation Team’s job is to help residents who live outside keep their spaces clean and orderly, address their problems and connect them with housing. They also have the difficult job of dismantling the encampments when deemed necessary.

We got a first-hand look at how the process unfolds and joined the team while they performed outreach and closed a camp. And I made a video story documenting it.

Formed in February after a series of camp sweeps drew sharp criticism, the Navigation Team urges people into shelters while removing camps like this one along the I-90 sound barrier wall. Contains strong language. (Lauren Frohne / The Seattle Times)

My role:

  • Cinematography
  • Video editing

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