Converging Skills for Powering A Nation

One of my best experiences this summer was working on a story about nuclear energy with a truly multimedia team.

There was a total of four of us on the team: a writer, a graphic designer, and two of us photo/video kids. My colleague Jessey Dearing shot with me as the other photo/videographer on this project, which was great dynamic since his background is more photo-oriented and mine is more video. So we really had the whole package, really strong reporting, writing, graphics, photo and video. And I think that shows in our final story package, title “Nuclear Properties”.

We ended up with two interactive graphics, a lengthy text article and an interesting video in an experimental format. I’m especially proud of the text article, not because I wrote any part of it, but because we were able to incorporate video quotes and pictures in a really organic way that breaks up the length of the story while also enhancing its content. Chris’s amazing writing didn’t need much help, but I think the video elements offer readers a great way to get to know the characters he describes.

So check it out and let us know what you think!