SND Annual Workshop in Buenos Aires

The logo for this year’s workshop: Hemispheres/Hemispherios.

I had the opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina last weekend to attend the Society for New Design’s annual workshop and conference. It was a long trip for a short number of days, but it was worth it. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the top minds in news design, the people behind the greatest papers, websites, infographics and photos in the world. And, just as awesome was meeting a bunch of other students (now new friends) who are the future top minds in the industry.

Karl Gude, former art director at Newsweek and current professor at Michigan State, shows off his favorite infographic ever.

The SND Foundation was gracious enough to offer some of us students travel grants to offset some of the cost of attending the workshop in exchange for us helping to write about the conference on the SND Update Blog. Check out my article about Pablo Corral and a bunch of my photos scattered around the the blog and in my Flickr photoset!

We all headed out to see a super touristy tango show one night. It was like Argentina’s version of Broadway. Touristy, but still fun.

Overall, it was a great experience and I hope I’m able to head to Denver next fall to do it all again.