Quito the Cat

Since I’m officially a cat lady now, I’m kind of obligated to post beautiful pictures of my new life partner, Quito. I adopted him from the Angels of Assisi shelter here in Roanoke. It’s a no-kill rescue that saves strays and animals from high-kill shelters and fosters and adopts them out to loving owners. He is named after the capital of Ecuador, which I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time in last summer while working on Living Galápagos.

Such an upstanding, handsome young man.

Quito Facts:

  • Color: Mackerel tabby
  • Age: approximately 8 months
  • Favorite food: Chicken with brown rice
  • Favorite toy: Straw ball, my clothes
  • Favorite pastime: Running around like a maniac when I try to go to sleep at night
  • Fun fact: I was going to name him Caña, after the potent and life changing, distilled-from-sugar-cane alcohol which heavily influenced our time on the Galápagos Islands, but I thought it sounded too girly for a boy cat.

His feather toy did not survive much longer after this picture was taken.

His is a monster-in-disguise.