National Geographic: 101-year-old Weather Observer

Richard Hendrickson began recording weather observations for the National Weather Service when he was 18 years old. That was 84 years ago. Honored as the longest-serving weather observer for the United States, Hendrickson says, “It’s what I do for my country.”
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Our fellow UNC alumna, Eileen Mignoni, hired Jessey and me to film for National Geographic with the amazing Richard Hendrickson as he received this award for his service as a weather observer. We traveled out on Long Island to the National Weather Service station in Upton, NY, and spent the day filming the festivities, the award ceremony, with Richard and his family, and also conducted an interview with Tim Morrin, the observation program leader. Eileen and Nacho edited the final piece, which offers an uplifting glimpse into Richard’s life and the meaning behind his service.