Living Galápagos

UNC Photojournalism & Multimedia presents Living Galápagos.


  • Multimedia Journalist: “Evolving Faith”/”La Fé Evolucionando”
  • Lead Programmer: Worked with another programmer and a professional coach to develop the project site using Flash Actionscript 2.0 object-oriented programming

2010 SXSW Web Awards Finalist – Student category
Honorable Mention, 2010 Best of Photojournalism – Multimedia Package
Award of Excellence, 64th CPOY Awards – Large Multimedia Project
1st Place, NPPA Monthly Multimedia – Multimedia Project (11/2009)

In the summer of 2009, I spent a month in the Galápagos Islands with 20 other UNC journalism students. While there, we worked on creating a multimedia project about life on the islands and the impact of man in the Galapagos I helped to design and program the project site which includes a huge amount of information and interactive elements. I also shot and edited a video story about religion in the Galapagos called “Evolving Faith.”

“Evolving Faith”
Survival of the fittest doesn’t only apply to animals in the Galápagos. With other Christian sects competing for believers, the Catholic church evolves to keep up.

3rd Place, NPPA Monthly Multimedia – Individual Video (11/2009)