Investigation: Fired, but still a cop

Out of about 11,000 officers in the state over the past four years, an average of about 100 a year were fired, and more than 40 a year had misconduct serious enough that their own supervisors flagged them for decertification, according to a Seattle Times analysis. Of those, just 13 a year on average lost their credential. The state has never decertified an officer for using excessive force. See the full investigative story here.

I worked with investigative reporter Mike Reicher to intake and work with visual content from public disclosure requests and also find visual ways to illustrate a sort of wonky aspect of the police accountability issue. As a companion video piece to use in the main story and also on social platforms to promote the story, I developed a short video based on an interview with an expert on the issue combined with recent footage from protests and dash- and body-camera footage illustrating the issue at hand.