Election Night in Virginia’s 5th District

A friend of mine on Twitter wrote last Wednesday morning “To a journalist, the day after an election is just another hangover.” That pretty much sums up the day after the election for me.

Ryan Loew, a multimedia producer on the online team at The Roanoke Times, and I decided to collaborate on a video to tell a story about the race in Virginia’s 5th district. He went to Chatham, Va., to cover Robert Hurt’s election night party and I made the two-hour trek to Charlottesville to cover Tom Perriello’s. I ended up leaving Charlottesville around 10pm and got back to the newsroom a little bit before Ryan, since Hurt actually won.

We spent the next five hours tag-teaming on editing our video story and I think we were happy with the result. We tried something a little less traditional, making use of video diptychs to transition between the two parties.

Check out the final videon on Roanoke.com