Nurture with Nature | The Seattle Times

I worked with reporter Daniel Beekman and fellow video journalist Ramon Dompor to dive into a story about the ways in which South Park, a community in south Seattle that has been experiencing a recent uptick in gun violence, is galvanizing to support and uplift young people and create change. We also collaborated with graphic and data journalist Emily Eng to explore facets of the story with data, graphics and video combined and thoughtfully packaged into a clean, easy-to-navigate and rich story package.

The resulting story package for The Seattle Times can be found here: After shootings, South Park teens plant seeds for a safer future

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.03.23 PM

The package leads with a full-screen looping video to set the scene and includes an interactive block that combines graphics, data and visuals to consolidate broader contextual information for viewers. We used “looping title cards” for the video, which offer a glimpse at the story and help provide ambiance and visual information before a viewer even clicks.

Here is the centerpiece video from the package that focuses on the a youth corps program and it’s tree-planting efforts that aim to engage youth and better the environment in South Park: