Lauren Frohne is a New York-based video journalist, cinematographer, and editor. She is currently filming and producing multimedia and video projects for the Open Society Foundations. She previously worked as a video journalist for The Boston Globe and interned with The Roanoke Times. She earned a master’s degree in journalism with a focus on visual communication from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2010. She has experience leading, managing and collaborating with teams on ambitious multimedia projects, as well as teaching multimedia storytelling and video production to students and professionals.

On her own time, she is currently in production on a longterm documentary film called ‘Spilling Over’, focusing on the lasting effects of the BP oil spill on a family and community in Venice, La., with her partner Jessey Dearing.


  • E-mail: lauren.frohne@gmail.com
  • Phone: 919-259-0293



Quito the Cat/partner in crime

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